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Communication is a crucial entity that facilitates every aspect of your business’s operation. It should, therefore, be nurtured by creating authentic relationships that encourage the exchange of ideas without obstruction. As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to create strategies targeting improving workplace communication. This is not an overly complicated process as it can be achieved in five measures.

Creating a friendly atmosphere

The workplace environment should be optimized for social interactions. One of the ways that your workplace can be transformed to enhance communication is by having an open office structure where workers in the same office can communicate amongst themselves. As a leader, you can also set the pace by upholding a certain level of hype, thereby encouraging your fellow workers to communicate.

Encourage feedback

To encourage communication between the different levels of workers across the hierarchy, it is important to encourage the submission of feedback. Being open to such feedback, especially from the workers at the bottom of the hierarchy, creates an atmosphere of friendliness that encourages communication across the board. It also encourages workers to share their ideas without fear of being victimized.

Encourage mastery of body language

Body language is a crucial aspect of communication that should be mastered in the workplace. Most businesses only encourage verbal and official communication at the expense of nonverbal communication. To create a warm and friendly atmosphere that encourages communication in the workplace, it is important to pay attention to common nonverbal communication cues such as smiling and body gestures.

Being good at listening

For effective communication to take place, listening should be highly encouraged and practiced. Crucial active listening skills, including paying attention, offering intermittent responses to show that you are listening, and avoiding common communication distractions such as using a mobile phone in the middle of a conversation should be practiced and encouraged. This enhances the willingness of workers to actively engage you.

Encouraging teamwork

One of the greatest obstacles that can hinder effective communication in the workplace is having workers who appear to be strangers to each other. Any feelings of strangerhood among the individual workers can be thawed by organizing regular team building activities.