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Starting and running a business as a sole proprietor can be quite demanding, especially regarding the volume of work that needs to be done and the skills required. To make your work easier, experts advise finding a suitable business partner with whom to share the responsibilities and other inputs required to successfully run the business. Choosing a suitable business partner should, however, be a carefully coordinated process that is governed by a set of criteria, as hereby pointed out.

Sharing the same vision

The first thing to look out for in a prospective business partner is an individual whose vision matches yours. The idea behind going for someone with a similar vision as you is that you will be able to structure, administer, and run the business with the required mutual level of commitment. If the two visions match, then achieving the new business’s goals and objectives will be a relatively simple task.


Every business requires some level of expertise and experience, both theoretical or academic and practical. It would be a great idea to work with a partner who has some level of experience in a particular kind of business that you wish to run. Such experience comes in handy in helping ensure that the partner adds value to the business. The experience can be in the form of having a professional education in an area of importance in the business or even having run a similar business before.

Trustworthy and honest

Honesty and trust are two important elements that ensure that two people running the same business can productively co-exist. You have to work with a business partner whom you can trust and whose honesty is not in doubt. Lack of these two elements in a partnership can easily crumble your business. Trusting each other implies that there is goodwill and unsupervised dedication to running the business.


Running a new business requires more than just experience and expertise. Being creative in business can define all the difference between the ability to survive the competitive market or fail. Choosing a partner with a good taste of creativity in business administration and management gives you an added advantage.