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Among business professionals, there is little doubt that social media has become one of the most prestigious venues for marketing available to top companies. The marketing landscape in social media is incredibly dynamic, and with new sites like TikTok and VSCO now competing with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for user attention, marketing departments looking to create a stand-out social media campaign in 2019 have their work cut out for them.

Here are just a few companies with a great online presence, and how they’re boosting their brand recognition with a new generation of customers.

See Jane Work
For a masterclass on how to use Instagram to reach new markets, businesses should look no further than the See Jane Work account. The company doesn’t just sell aspirational lifestyle products through its Instagram page. They also use stunning design and aesthetic sensibilities to bring their followers into a unique and charming world. Indeed, by deftly using Instagram’s simple interface to create brilliant color patterns and design schemes, See Jane Work stands apart in the social media marketing landscape.

As a company, Moonpie has been around for ages, but its quirky social media presence has made it a hit with a new generation of customers. Clearly, Moonpie’s marketing department understands the notion that sincerity and a genuine sense of humor in a branding campaign are worth its weight in gold. And when individuals are taking the time to share your tweets on Reddit and other popular news aggregation sites, you know you’re onto something good.

It probably won’t surprise anyone that Airbnb has one of the best social media campaigns in the business; the company’s approach to Instagram is a textbook example in brilliant digital marketing. Above all else, Airbnb shows the power of letting customers take the wheel in the social media realm.

By curating posts from Airbnb users to show stand-out rentals in their catalog, Airbnb both shows customers how much the company appreciates their business and advertises remarkable properties. For companies who want to engage with great new markets in 2019 truly, Airbnb’s social media campaign is where it’s at.

For these reasons, creating a fun, welcoming, and well-designed social media presence is a fantastic way for companies to reach newer and bigger markets in 2019. As these businesses show, a bit of legwork in the digital sphere goes a long way. Truly, that is marketing at its best!