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Whether your company consists of hundreds or a dozen employees, hiring new people to fit into your company culture and get the job done can be challenging. In order to help your business be the absolutely best it can be, it’s up to you to make sure you’re hiring the best employees for every position you’re trying to fill. Do not make the mistake of hiring people without fully seeing if they’re a good fit for the job and learning who they are and not just who they present themselves as during a single interview. Here are some useful hiring tips for when you’re looking for new employees.

Have a clear definition

Before you ever speak with a potential hire, make sure you have a clear definition of the position you’re hiring for. Too often, companies fail at making adequate job descriptions and end up misleading great candidates who believe they have the skills necessary for the job. Be concise and straightforward about the responsibilities of each job listing. Get insight from current employees to see if there are more details you should add.

Think of your ideal employee

When you’re putting together a job listing, think of the ideal employee you’d like to hire. What experience or skills do they have? What’s their personality like? Some of these details you can include in your job listing, but others are to give you a good idea of who you’re looking for when you conduct in-person interviews.

Have levels of interviews

As you begin interviewing people, hold different levels of interviews. When you receive resumes and cover letters, carefully read over those, but then conduct phone or video interviews before moving onto in-person. Having a couple of interviews in-person can be good too; you get to talk to people more than once and see if your initial impression still holds true.

Try team interviewing

There are various ways you can approach this method; always have at least two people in the room when you’re interviewing a candidate so you get multiple perspectives on what they’re like. You can also have group interviews with your team where potential hires work through activities together or interact with each other. If your company has a lot of collaboration, these tactics can give you a solid idea of what the person will actually be like at work.

Think about what you’re asking

You likely have a set of interview questions you’ve previously used for hires, but it’s time to reevaluate your methods. Your company is constantly growing and changing, so make sure your interview questions reflect that. Actually think about how each question can tell you something important about a potential new employee and add some new questions in as well.

Actually look at references

Many employers make the mistake of not contacting the references people have listed. If you’re on the fence about an employee, speaking to their references could help you make up your mind. Even if you think a candidate is a perfect fit, it’s even more important to speak to their references and previous employers to ensure they’re giving you an accurate image of who they are.