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The saying “experience is the best teacher” can be traced to the time of Julius Caesar, who recorded the first known version of this time-tested proverb. Having career mentors is a wise idea for a company because advisors can direct and counsel employees, helping them adapt and succeed throughout their careers.

Help new employees adjust

Work culture is frequently defined as employees’ daily work practices, decision making, discussions, and attitudes, along with the language that is used. A mentor can introduce new employees to a company’s work culture through examples and advice. With this help, employees can more quickly adjust.

Mentors offer instruction and direction

Because they have “the voice of experience,” mentors can offer proven ways of succeeding at tasks, how to prioritize, how not to repeat past mistakes, and how to cooperate with various co-workers.

Provide support

Often a person needs to hear an objective and wiser voice. Having a mentor provides unbiased advice on an employee’s desires to put forth ideas to a superior. The mentor’s “voice of experience” can suggest how to present new ideas or how to ask for a raise so that the request will be well received. Also, the mentor can encourage the employee’s initiative and suggest when best to approach the superior to ask for a raise or raise some other concern.

If an employee is discouraged or the recipient of a reprimand, a mentor offers the proverbial shoulder, along with words of advice on how to avoid further blunders.

Provide balance

New employees can sometimes become bogged down in one aspect of work. Mentors can detect quickly if the employee is neglecting something that needs prompt attention and can help the employee focus and set priorities.

Mentors are available

While friends are sometimes not eager to hear a person’s problems at work, mentors who have agreed to help are usually available. Especially if the employee has displayed gratitude to these mentors previously, these workers will be objective in their assessments, whereas friends sometimes struggle with objectivity.

Give valuable advice

Mentors help employees examine their work situation from different perspectives. Because they can be objective, mentors often provide better judgments and views not considered by the employee, thereby benefiting her or him.