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Cultivating a new client relationship generally costs somewhere between five and twenty-five times what it costs businesses to retain a current client or customer. That means it is in a business’s best interests to build good relationships with their clients in order to keep and maintain them. This mindset is called brand loyalty. Providing a great customer experience is critical to this end. Brand loyalty is built by positive interaction and good customer experience. Here are five tips for building better relationships with clients.

Genuinely listen & address client issues

Social media is a powerful tool and if your customers feel their problems, concerns, and complaints are not being heard, they know full well the powerful platform they have at their disposal and will not hesitate to use it. To that end, it is also important to monitor your social media pages carefully and promptly address any issues that are raised there. Addressing them doesn’t just mean providing a customer care number, you should directly respond to their specific issue.

Provide good customer service

Thanks to the rise in AI and machine learning, it has never been easier for even the smallest of businesses to provide customer service on every outlet. However, not all customer service is good customer service. The more self-serve options you can provide the happier your customer will be, but some other common complaints about customer service are long, complicated phone trees, long wait times, and unintelligible customer service reps. While farming your customer service out overseas might be a good way to save some money, just be sure it isn’t costing you customers.

Personalize your service

The rise of automation gives businesses an almost unprecedented ability to provide personalized service to a broader client base. This can include tasks like sending a birthday greeting with a special discount or important anniversaries for other types of businesses. A jeweler might send a special gift like a free cleaning on a couple’s wedding anniversary or a real estate agent might send clients a bottle of champagne on the one-year anniversary of closing. As much as possible, always try to address your customers and clients by name and do what you can to get to know them on a more personal level. This can help you to better tailor specific product and service offerings to their individual needs.