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Alex Podgurski


Alex Podgurski is an experienced marketing professional with many years in the industry.

Alex Podgurski is a self-taught digital marketing expert with a passion for entrepreneurship. Having started computer programming at a young age, Alex has had quite an impressive career to this point in his life.

Alex Podgurski is the founder of APR Media, a marketing, affiliate marketing, and media buying firm based in Puerto Rico. Alex and his team specialize in new media, media buying, content creation, and content publishing. The creative professionals at APR Media are dedicated to their client’s success, creating quality content and advertisements for popular consumer products and brands.

A serial entrepreneur at his core, Alex Podgurski founded several companies before launching APR Media. Alex has worked in direct response marketing for over 16 years. He has also been able to solidify his role as an industry leader by vertically integrating several facets of business. Some of Alex’s previous companies over the years include a call center specializing in customer support a retention, a fulfillment warehouse that distributed products, and a digital media house that focused on marketing beauty and health products. In 2016 after moving to Puerto Rico, Alex started his most recent business venture with APR Media.

With almost two decades of experience, Alex Podgurski is widely considered a marketing expert. In his experience, Alex has found the simple act of networking to be one of the most valuable tools when it comes to growing your business. Whether at a professional networking event or in conversations with friends, Alex finds it useful to share ideas and learn from each other. As a business owner in the digital marketing space, Alex appreciates his ability to introduce great businesses into the digital age. Leveraging both his knowledge and new marketing trends, Alex and his team are able to help individuals and companies reach their target audience and generate unparalleled responses.

Apart from his ability to help others grow their business, Alex  Podgurski has come to love the ever-changing landscape of his industry. With a passion for learning, Alex finds the constant evolution in digital marketing rewarding. Learning to adapt to the rapidly changing pace and maintaining a pulse on trends makes for a more exciting career in Alex’s eyes.

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